18 Best Wireless Chargers for iPhone 11 (Buying Guide 2021)

In this article, we will share with you a list of the 18 Best Wireless Chargers for iPhone 11. Wireless charging sounds like a gimmick, but once you use it in person, we’re sure that will never be the case. With this technology rapidly advancing on the market with innovations and improvements daily, there is nothing better than easy access to charge your phone without taking off its cover or struggling through tangled cables! Luckily for us, however – during our research process of finding wireless chargers available for upcoming iPhone models – these are all features included by default onto each charger whether they carry Qi-wireless compatibility or not.

Wireless chargers are convenient but can be difficult to choose. You want one that will work for your needs, and not just straight-up buy the first one you see in a store because they all look alike!

Finding wireless charges isn’t as easy as it sounds – or at least straightforward. The reason is due to limitations on different devices like iPhones 11 (in this case). Knowing these limitations helps avoid spending money on something we won’t ever use, which is great news if you’re reading this article feeling confused about how best to purchase them! With our help here today though, we hope you’ll know what’s available so when shopping around next time-you may find exactly what suits your purposes better than any other option out there.

What is Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging, or inductive charging, is the transfer of power from a source to an electrical device (such as a phone) by electromagnetic fields. It is called “wireless” because no hard-wired connections are needed between the charger and the powered device.

This type of charger works with devices that contain a wireless charging receiver coil.

A wireless charger may use one or more coils to create an alternating magnetic field; a receiving coil in the device converts this into an electrical current to charge its battery (this is known as induction).

How does Wireless Charger Works?

Wireless charging uses electromagnetic induction to produce an alternating electric current in a receiver coil, which charges a battery or directly powers an electrical device.

The transmitter and receiver coils are tuned to the same resonant frequency. The transmitter sends energy through the air to the receiver, and that energy is converted into direct current (DC) for charging.

The biggest benefits of Wireless Charging are:

No more wires are required; just place your Smartphone on top of the wireless charger pad while you sleep at night. A lot easier than plugging in your smartphone every other day No worrying about forgetting to unplug your Smart Phone before leaving home Plugging it in by accident somewhere because you forgot that it was still plugged in Automatic turn-off – no need to unplug your Smartphone at the end of the day

What are some different technologies for wireless charging?

There are two main types of wireless charging: inductive and resonant. The difference between these is that inductive chargers require a conductive surface (like a mat) while resonant chargers do not.

Inductive charging receivers are usually integrated into mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and wearables. These receivers can be built directly into a device or added as an aftermarket device that replaces the back cover of most popular phones.

How to Pick the best Wireless Chargers for iPhone?

First of all, you should ask yourself a lot of questions. For instance:  How important is the lightning cord? What about aesthetic compatibility with my iPhone? How many times a day will I use wireless charging? Is it worth paying extra for official Apple support or can I find other equally good products at lower cost?

Afterward, there are three options available to you. Let’s take a look at how they differ and which one could be best for your needs:

Apple AirPower – this debut charger offers an impressive 10-watt power supply and boasts that it’ll charge an iPhone 7 Plus in two hours. It will automatically recognize when you’ve placed your iPhones on the stand and charge them up without any wires or complicated setup processes. It is priced at $149, and we’ll undoubtedly be waiting for a while to get our hands on it.

It’s definitely not the cheapest option on the market, so if you’re after something more affordable they Apple AirPower could be for you. But if you’d prefer to have full control of how much power your iPhone gets when it’s charging wirelessly and don’t need that added assurance that comes with an official product, then wireless chargers are still an excellent choice!

You will need to look for a 7.5 watts wireless charger while searching for the best one for your iPhone since every smartphone operates at different speeds and iPhones work perfectly with that speed.

We’ve compiled a list of the best wireless chargers for the iPhone 11 in 2021. It includes various charging pads, stands, and multi-device stations. To make it easier for you to find what you need, we will only mention chargers that work with devices in iOS.

The Best Wireless Chargers for iPhone 11

1. Anker Best Wireless Charger for iPhone 11

First in our list of 18 best wireless chargers for iPhone 11 is Anker’s Best Wireless Charger. This wireless charger is perfect for the person who wants to keep up with their phone while it charges. It’s compatible with both iPhone and Android phones, so no matter what your preference you will be able to charge wirelessly!

This affordable Anker Wireless Charger offers a great alternative when compared to more expensive models. With that said, this model had some compromises in order not only to maintain affordability but also to make improvements on its design as well as durability- like never before seen by any other manufacturer of cell chargers today. You’ll get fast charging speeds without sacrificing quality or reliability from this top-selling product which comes highly recommended among customers already; many have been using these products daily for years now thanks mainly in part because they are made out.

Anker’s PowerWave Pad can output at 5W, so it won’t charge your iPhone as fast as some other alternatives in this guide to the best wireless chargers for iPhones. However, Android phones will be able to charge up to 10 watts – but only if you use an adapter that supports quick charging.

In terms of design, the Anker PowerWave Charging Pad is simplistic and circular. There’s also a handy green LED indicator on the front that lets you know if your iPhone is properly charging or not.

2. ESR Fast Lift Wireless Charging Stand (Qi-Certified)

ESR Fast Lift Wireless Charging Stand

The ESR Fast Lift Wireless Charging Stand is a low-cost, reliable charger from the best name in phone accessories. No wall plug? Don’t worry – just pair it with any 10W adapter and you’re good to go! Whether your smartphone is Qi-compatible or not, this stand knows how to get the job done. A handy light on the base stays blue when a phone is charging; if there’s an issue (like misalignment), then it’ll flash red instead so that everything can be fixed before anything goes wrong. Affordable, simple, and effective: what more could you ask for?

The ESR wireless charging stand is perfect for all your devices. If you have an iPhone XR or Samsung S9, the charge will be done in about 2 hours and 30 minutes! You can use this as a charger and also set it up to hold your phone at any size so that you’re able to video chat while using other features like social media apps without having to worry about constantly plugging and unplugging cables anymore. The best part? Your device charges just fine with both landscape AND portrait orientation – which means there’s no need for adjustment when texting one-handed again either way!

The ESR Lift Wireless Charger Stand is the perfect solution for people who are always on the go and have a phone that they need to keep charged. This product will charge your device no matter what angle you put it in, so when there’s not enough space or time near an outlet then this wireless charger stand makes life much easier! The lights clearly show whether charging has started if charging was interrupted by something like metal touching the pad and more without having to pick up your phone every few seconds.

The ESR Lift Wireless Charging Station can also be used as a nightstand while keeping all of those cords out of sight but still being conveniently close at hand just in case you want them later!

3. Belkin BoostCharge 10W Fast Wireless Charger Pad

Belkin’s wireless charger is designed to make life easier for iPhone users. The charging pad features a simple yet striking design and has 7.5W transmitter coils, a thermal protector, and fanless operations so that you can charge your phone without any noise!

Belkin BoostCharge 10W Fast Wireless Charger Pad is a convenient and reliable device to charge your phone wirelessly. The charger’s rubberized non-slip bottom ensures that it stays put, even on slippery surfaces like pool tables.

This wireless charger can accommodate devices with cases up to 3mm in thickness while still enabling the fastest possible charging speeds thanks to its built-in overcharge protection system as well as foreign object detection for peace of mind during every use! You won’t have any issues using this innovative new product because there’s an LED light that indicates when you are successfully charging your phone or tablet without interruption – no matter what type of case you’re wearing on top.

4. Native Union Drop 10W High Speed Wireless Charger (Qi Certified) 

Native Union Drop 10W High Speed Wireless Charger

This product is not your average phone charger. It includes an eye-catching design and a few new features which make it even easier to use than ever before! Native Union’s Drop Charger comes with the bonus of detecting if there are any foreign objects around, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally getting shocked when cleaning up after charging. The company also implemented thermal protection sensors for safety precautions; now you can charge in peace without having worries that something might go wrong because this modern device will stop working as soon as anything starts heating up too much.

For the fastest possible charging, our Native Union Drop Charger is perfect. The 10W charger supports iPhone and other Qi-supported devices with up to a 7.5-watt charge rate which means that you’ll get your device fully charged in no time at all! It also has an AirPod holder but it can’t be used for Apple Watch so if you’re looking for something compatible, check out ours as well!

The fabric-covered top of this phone charger is both interesting and good for gripping. It also comes in seven colors, so you can personalize it to your own taste.

5. Mophie Wireless 15W Charging Pad (Only Supports Qi-Enabled Device)

Mophie Wireless 15W Charging Pad

The Mophie wireless pad is a great gift for those who live in small spaces and don’t want to deal with tangled wires. The sleek design fits right into your bedroom or living room, while the LED indicator lets you know whether it’s charging!

The new Qi Wireless Pad from Mophie makes dealing with cords obsolete by providing an elegantly designed way of quickly juicing up anywhere there are no outlets nearby. With its ultra-lightweight frame, this charger can be taken on go so that nothing stands between you and catching up on Netflix at home after work!

This is a perfect partner for the iPhone, and its 15W output not only future-proofs it but means that it can also charge your faster Qi-enabled phone.

If you want to make sure your device is receiving a generous 15W of power, Mophie’s wireless charger may well be the way forward. You can also use an existing USB setup with this adaptor – just connect it up and plug in the other end into any available port on your laptop, or even better when plugged straight into one of those new MacBooks that supports charging over Lightning cable!

To achieve a power output like 15 watts (though not all chargers are capable), mobile phone users will need their own specific adapter for optimal performance from Mophie’s wireless charger.

6. Native Union Dock Wireless Charger Stand

Native Union Dock Wireless Charger Stand

The Native Union Dock Wireless Charger is a sleek, stylish way to charge your phone without the hassle of wires. The device features thermal protection sensors and foreign object detection for worry-free wireless charging and includes premium woven fabric with precision-engineered steel.

If you are looking for a wireless charger that will charge your phone while it rests in both portrait and landscape mode, then the Native Union Dock Wireless Charger is just what you need. It also locks your iPhone at an optimal viewing angle when doing video calls so there’s no awkward talking with someone off-screen or having to move around the room awkwardly because of where they’re sitting. The USB cable included ensures easy charging without any inconvenient tangles from cables dangling everywhere; this means more time on screen rather than dealing with cords!

The unique design of Native Union Docks makes it perfect for those who want their iPhones fully charged but don’t have all day to sit beside them waiting for power levels.

7. Mophie 3 in 1 Wireless Charge Pad (All Apple Products Supported)

Mophie 3 in 1 Wireless Charge Pad

The next in the list of best wireless chargers for iPhone 11 comes from mophie. Mophie’s 3-in-1 charger for your Apple devices is the perfect accessory to have if you are on a budget and looking for something that will protect, power up, or just charge all of your favorite toys. The ultra-suede finish offers protection from daily wear and tear while also providing an elegant look when it arrives in its packaging with everything included within.

Mophie’s triple wireless charger was designed specifically for those who need some serious battery life without compromising style! With the Mophie experience behind this one – no pun intended – we know how reliable their products can be so there is never any fear of overcharging thanks to the auto shut off technology which means charging speeds double as well.

Mophie’s 3-in-1 wireless charger that simultaneously charges your iPhone, smartwatch, and earbuds is now available for purchase! This wireless charger will deliver 7.5W to any Qi-compatible devices you need charging.

Mophie is a company that takes pride in making your Apple devices look great and providing you with wireless charging at an affordable price. That’s why their newest product, the Wireless Charging Pad, brings together simple design and elegance to make sure it looks good on any surface while protecting your device from scratches. And not only are they beautiful; these chargers have all of Mophies signature features like over-charge protection, short circuit prevention – meaning no more fried electronics.

8. Twelve South HiRise Best Wireless Charger for iPhone 11

Twelve South HiRise Best Wireless Charger for iPhone 11

The Twelve South Wireless charger is more than just a wireless charging stand. It can be also used as an Airpod Charger because of the ability to lay down and charge on top with no cords in sight! The build quality is high, made from gunmetal chrome and leather. This 10W Qi charger comes with a 1.5m USB-A-to-USB-C cable for your convenience too.

Since being introduced, the Twelve South HiRise Wireless charger has been a top seller. It comes with an elegant chrome and leather pedestal which holds your phone upright so you can see it from anywhere in the room! Never miss another call or message while charging because this is one of only two wireless chargers on Amazon that works when placed vertically AND horizontally. The other awesome thing about this product? You don’t need to have Qi-certified power: if there’s any powered USB port nearby (like at work), then all you’ll need is a plug cable like these here.

9. OtterBox OtterSpot Wireless Charging System (Best Wireless chargers for iPhone 11)

OtterBox OtterSpot Wireless Charging System

OtterSpot Wireless Charging System was designed to give you and your family a simplified solution for simultaneously charging all of your iPhones and wireless cases. Stack up to three OtterSpot batteries on the charger base, add an iPhone to charge, or pass around these gadgets so everyone can have one in their room while they’re there too! Having this easy-to-use system is especially important when it comes time for school because kids always need that extra battery charged before heading out with friends.

Charging your device can be a hassle. Especially if you have multiple devices that need to charge at the same time and are struggling with cords tangling everywhere. But worry not, there is now an easy solution for this problem! OtterBox has created the perfect wireless charging system just for Apple products like AirPods or iPhones- including cases such as their Wireless Charging System which includes a 5,000mAh battery pack so you never run out of power again while on the go! You will find it exclusively in-store at any authorized dealer from Apple’s website (or direct) but make sure to get one soon because these amazing products won’t last long here.

The OtterSpot wireless charging base can power up to three rechargeable batteries and an iPhone or AirPods case at the same time. Place your phone on top of it, so you don’t have to worry about carrying both around everywhere! You can also stack them for quick access in a rush. Share with family members too if they want their phones charged without having to lug theirs around all day long.

The best wireless charger for iPhone 11 comes with a base and battery that are built of anti-slip rubber. You can place them together neatly and they fit like puzzle pieces, due to the gentle magnets in these accessories. The batteries attach easily onto your phone case using strong magnetic fields which means you will not have any difficulties taking it on or off from inside your pocket!

10. ZENS Dual 10-Watt Aluminum Wireless Charging Pad and Watch Charger Station

ZENS Dual 10-Watt Aluminum Wireless Charging Pad and Watch Charger Station

ZENS’ wireless charger is the best option for those looking to save space and charge their devices in a high-quality way. There are many reasons why this product stands out, but one of them includes its ability to support up to three different device types simultaneously while also taking proper care of your batteries thanks to intelligent inductive technology that’s built into it.

The aluminum construction provides an elegant aesthetic quality as well as durability against wear and tear which will last you years with just minimal upkeep required over time. And even though ZENS’ is among the priciest options on here, there’s a good reason for that: because they’re worth every penny.

The best thing about this wireless charger is that it has a max output of 20W. That’s enough to charge all your Apple devices at the fastest rate possible, including your iPhone 11 and AirPods! It also comes with an included fast-charging adapter in its packaging – so you can truly enjoy using one device without worrying if anything else will be able to get charged fully too.

ZENS’ wireless charger is a great accessory for your desk as it not only looks good but also charges with ease. It has anti-slip traction grips and a large charging pad so you won’t have to worry about the positioning of your phone. Simply place it on top and you’re all set.

11. Satechi Trio Wireless Charging Pad (Qi-Certified)

Satechi Trio Wireless Charging Pad

Satechi has launched its own version of the AirPower, called Trio Wireless Charging Pad. Qi-certified and with faster-charging technology that also includes smart safety features such as over-temperature protection to make sure your devices are safe while you’re away from them or on the go!

The Satechi Wireless Charger is a sleek, well-designed wireless charger that will keep your smartphone charged and ready for use. The small size makes it easy to carry around with you on the go as well as being compatible with most phone cases up to 5mm thick. This device also includes an EU/UK plug adapter so international travelers can take advantage of this beautiful design too! Keep your watch in Nightstand mode while at home or when traveling abroad without having to worry about overcharging thanks to FOD detection (foreign object detector) and temperature protection features by automatically cutting power off if necessary.

The Trio is a wireless charging pad that can charge up to three devices at once. You’ll be able to simultaneously charge an Apple Watch (up to 2.5W), AirPods with the wireless case, and iPhone 11 Pro Max/11 Pro/11, XS Max/XS, or XR/. It’s not just one plate either: the charger has been designed for maximum convenience by having indented sections so you don’t have any pesky wires in your way while using it! The best part? The LED lights on top of each device will tell you when they start charging-so there won’t even need any guesswork involved from here on out.

12. Mophie 10W Qi Wireless Charge Stream Pad+

Mophie 10W Qi Wireless Charge Stream Pad+

With the Mophie wireless charger, you can charge your device up to 7.5W without ever having to worry about plugging it in again! It’s compatible with all of our favorite devices and has a large sweet spot so there is no need for any proper placement when laying down your phone- just put it on top of the mat and go from there.

The Mophie Charge Stream Pad+, a wireless charging pad for iPhone, features a hefty and low profile design with rubberized nonslip TPU coating that prevents the pad from sliding around your desk. This also keeps your device safe without removing it from its case since this product can juice up through 3mm thick cases! The fail-safe circuitry in this charger ensures overcharging, overheating, or any other issues are avoided too – so you don’t have to worry about anything.

13. Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station for iPhone

Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station for iPhone

Belkin has released a new 3-in-1 wireless charging station that is sure to fit your Apple needs. With an iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch all requiring their own charger this one device can handle it for you! Made with quality materials but also taking the time to make each of these devices charge at its optimal speed – we think there’s something in here for everyone who loves using different brands products together.

The wireless charger for Apple devices is optimized to charge iPhones at 7.5W, while your Watch and AirPods will get a 5W charging speed- not bad considering they max out at around 8 watts! With the convenience of this new charger, you’ll be able to travel with ease knowing that no matter where in the world you are living can still move on uninterrupted without having to constantly worry about running low on battery power.

Ever wish you had a wireless charger that held your phone upright so notifications don’t go unnoticed? This is the perfect solution for nightstands or home offices. The 3-in-1 Belkin cordless charger will activate Nightstand mode on Apple Watch while charging, which makes this the best way to charge up and stay connected at once! You can choose between black or white options.

14. SanDisk Ixpand Wireless Charger Sync

SanDisk Ixpand Wireless Charger Sync

The priciest wireless charger on the list, this SanDisk iXpand does a lot more than charge your iPhone without wires. With either 128- or 256GB of built-in storage – enough for media and contacts too! This device is great because it can be connected to Wi-Fi via their free companion app with just a few taps. You’ll never have to worry about having an incomplete backup anymore when you place your handset on the pad for charging since backups will happen in the background automatically as well! The progress of these backups will show up right there within that same app which makes things so easy.

The iXpand is a Qi-compatible wireless charger and media storage device rolled into one. It’s like having your own personal Google Drive that can wirelessly charge up to two iPhones, Android phones, or any other devices with the Qi standard at 10 Watts max! A Micro USB port allows for easy transferring of backups from computer to iXpand so you never have to worry about data loss again. The large white design slips easily on desks or tables thanks to its rubber base; it also has a clean aesthetic which leaves no doubt as to who made this sleek accessory – Apple itself!

15. Yootech Wireless Charger Pad (Qi-Certified)

Yootech Wireless Charger Pad

We all know that the iPhone 11 is one of Apple’s latest and greatest gadgets! It has a sleeker design than ever before, making it more durable. The charging pad for this phone will help you get your charge on faster without any wires to worry about getting tangled up in while at home or out with friends since there are no plugs needed when using YOOTECH wireless charger as long as they’re within 3-6 inches away from the device (which can be found under specs). Plus, if anything goes wrong they’ll replace it with their lifetime warranty so you don’t have to worry – because we should only trust quality products like these.

One of the best features about YOOTECH’s fast wireless charging pad is that it has a unique design to easily fit your AirPods case without any hassle. Plus, you can use their patent-pending rubber ring on top and bottom so they don’t slip out or even fall off! The 7.5W power output will make sure your device charges up quickly, no matter what size battery pack you have in there; whether it’s an iPhone 11 or just some old iPhone model from 4 years ago.

16. iOttie iON Wireless Plus v2 Charging Pad (Fast Charger)

With the iOttie wireless charger, you can charge your devices in a space-saving and convenient way. It has an intelligent thermal protection system that works with any type of case on your device including thick cases. You also get one more USB port for added convenience! It is one of the Best Wireless Chargers for the iPhone 11.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to charge your device wirelessly or the traditional way, with an iOttie ion wireless charger. With an 18W input cable and its 12W output for a total of 30 watts, it is one powerful machine that will get any job done quickly!

The iOttie has created a rather interesting-looking charger. It’s thicker than you would expect, but there is a good reason for that. To charge two devices at the same time, this product comes with an internal air vent structure to reduce heat and soft feathered fabric on the outside; it also comes in three different colors!

17. Moshi Symbus Q Docking Station with Wireless Charger for iPhone

Moshi Symbus Q Docking Station with Wireless Charger for iPhone

The Moshi Symbus Q is overkill for some, but it’s ideal if you want to expand the functionality of a modern MacBook while keeping your iPhone topped up. This wireless charger doubles as a USB-C dock and charges devices wirelessly at speeds that match traditional wired chargers.

The Charge Base is a sleek, futuristically designed charger that’s perfect for anyone who needs to charge their MacBook and iPhone simultaneously.

The company has taken the time to make this product not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional with its speedy 15w power output which can be used immediately or in the future as well! Beyond being an all-around Apple user’s dream accessory, it provides two USB ports (for any other devices you may have), HDMI connectivity so your workstation can stay neat, tidy, and uncluttered while giving you access from anywhere onsite at home or abroad; plus ethernet port if required.

18. Spigen Wireless Charger

Spigen Wireless Charger

The Spigen Wireless Charger is a sleek modern design with leather detailing that looks super-classy and helps to keep your phone in place. It works perfectly well for any spigen cases, but make sure you take all of your cards out first before putting the device on charge. This charger deploys Intelligent Power Technology which supports optimized fast-charging up to 10W! Plus Control Heat technology guards against overheating or overcurrent issues by shutting off the power supply when needed so this supremely useful wireless charger can be used safely with Qi-certified devices such as AirPods.

Spigen’s Wireless Charger is a sleek and stylish product that will seamlessly blend into any type of office or home environment. The long cable ensures the charger can be conveniently placed anywhere within close range, whether you’re working in your desk chair, sitting on the couch with friends while watching TV, or maybe even laying in bed trying to fall asleep at night.

With Spigen’s innovative control light technology LED indicator never interrupts sleep again! This wireless charging pad also provides 10W output for Galaxy Devices as well as 7.5W for iPhone devices so it accommodates every user no matter what device they have!

How Much Power Do I Actually Need?

Apple has been trying to push wireless charging as a viable alternative to plugging in cables for years now. One of the company’s latest moves is raising its iPhone 7.5W maximum output from 5 watts so that it would always be at least one watt faster than any other phone on the market, ensuring your devices stay charged while you’re away and about the town without having to worry about running out of battery life before reaching home or back into work!

Apple is expected to release a new wireless charger that will support 10W, and they are not waiting too long. You might think about buying the newest faster model now for future-proofing purposes, but you should always make sure it’s Apple certified before purchasing one because other companies have been releasing models with lower power output lately like Samsung’s Galaxy S10e which has 4x slower charging speeds than standard Qi chargers.

Wireless chargers are a convenient and space-saving way to charge your devices. For those who don’t have the luxury of finding an electrical outlet nearby, wireless power is invaluable! For it to work though, you’ll need either a 7.5W or higher USB cable with a matching adapter (Apple’s own 30-watt cord will do).

Conclusion – Best Wireless Chargers for iPhone 11

Wireless charging is a convenient and easy way to charge a device wirelessly.[3] Many popular devices use this charging method, including the Samsung Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12. also check out our guide on the best iPhone 12 Mini Cases. We hope you enjoyed our article on the best wireless chargers for iPhone 11! Keep an eye out for more informative and fun articles coming soon!

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