The 15 Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e cases (Updated List!)

The Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e cases will keep your tablet protected and enhance its functionality. One of the worst things that can happen to a brand new device is dropping it and getting permanent scratches on the casing, which you’ll want to avoid by investing in quality coverage for your device. Here are some great examples from brands like Otterbox, Moko, or Rearth USA!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is perfect for those that want to enjoy their life. The 10.5-inch screen offers larger images, and the large size means it’s more prone to damage than small smartphones.

The Galaxy Tab S5e is a revolutionary tablet with features like the signature “all-day battery” power and a new gyroscope to make it easier than ever before. And now you can protect your device even more by installing one of our custom-fit cases that are both hardy, protective, and easy on the eyes!

You love your tablet and you want to keep it protected from the harsh realities of life. We must take measures to ensure our tablets are safe, like adding a protective cover before they break because of unexpected falls or accidents.

A cover is a perfect way to protect your phone from scratches and absorbing any shock if you happen to drop it. There are many types of covers in the market, like flip covers, transparent cases, and bejeweled or customized ones as well.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is the newest tablet in a long line of great devices. With so many options to choose from it can be hard to find just the right cover for your needs! To make things easier, we have compiled our Top 15 list of Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Case that will suit any mood or personality and provide you with protection at all times.

The 15 Best Samsung Galaxy S5e Case to Buy in 2021

1. POETIC Best Samsung Galaxy S5e Case (Built-In Screen Protector)

POETIC Best Samsung Galaxy S5e Case (Built-In Screen Protector)

The POETIC CASE is perfect for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E (2019 release) Tablet. With 360 degrees protection, this case protects your tablet from all angles and includes a built-in screen protector, port covers, rugged polycarbonate back with shock-absorbing TPU material which also has an included kickstand pull out that will allow you to stand up your device in a horizontal orientation or vertical orientation by clicking on either one of those buttons making it easier to use while standing!

Featuring a front polycarbonate casing and built-in screen protector, this case is one of the most protective on our list. The premium materials will protect your phone from drops with its heavy-duty material and shock-absorbing TPU bumper.

2. ProElite Smart Flip Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E

ProElite Smart Flip Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E

Ever wish that your tablet cover was as stylish and convenient to use as you are? With a black, foldable top-cover this is the perfect case for all professionals who need to carry their tablets with them. It has an impressive 4.5-star rating from thousands of reviewers so far!

The ProElite Tablet Case is a great way to show off your love for the band and their music. This case will keep your device safe from any damages that can be caused by falls or bumps, ensuring it stays in perfect condition!

This case is a perfect choice for those looking to buy something classic yet durable that will be smart-looking. Keep in mind the best seller on shopping sites and take advantage of some great offers when buying this product too!

3. IVSO Case for Samsung Galaxy TAB S5e (Ultra Lightweight Protective)

IVSO Case for Samsung Galaxy TAB S5e (Ultra Lightweight Protective)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e has a slim and elegant body. The best way to protect this device is by equipping it with the right case, so be sure that you find an IVSO brand product as they come in different colors and styles for all your needs. This well-built accessory offers decent protection without taking away from its design or function!

This case is perfect for carrying your tablet. It has a soft microfiber interior and an exterior of durable PU leather to protect against bumps, scratches, or drops from accidental falls. The lightweight design won’t add extra weight to your device so you can take it with you anywhere! This protective cover also features precise cutouts that provide access to all buttons and ports on the machine while still protecting them when not in use. Plus this innovative design opens up into a stand for hands-free viewing!

4. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series (Full-Body Rugged Protective Case)

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series (Full-Body Rugged Protective Case

Protect your phone’s screen! A rugged case and a screen protector are the best way to go for all-around protection. The case will keep it from getting scratched up or cracking, while also protecting against accidental drops or bumps. It even has a kickstand so you can watch videos on the go without having to hold your device in place.

You’ll always be able to play your favorite games, type on the keyboard or read e-books with peace of mind thanks to this screen protector.

5. ProCase Galaxy Tab S5e 2019 Keyboard Case

The wireless keyboard and case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5 is a perfect addition to any desk or travel bag, equipped with an ultra-slim design that seamlessly clips onto your tablet in an instant so you never have to worry about damaging either device. Of course, the stand will also allow you multiple viewing angles while on your screen including upright in landscape mode as well as flat down from above giving it more versatility than most other cases of its kind!

The PROCASE Comes with Ultra-slim Wireless Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5 gives users three different ways of propping up their tablets into view when they are out using them wirelessly.

You will never want to go back to your old keyboard after using this one! It’s the perfect choice for anyone with a tablet or laptop. With its slim and lightweight design, you can carry it around everywhere in style. The 7mm ABS material provides an elegant look that is both durable yet sleek enough so as not to take up too much space on your desk. Better than any other keyboards out there, our key spacing makes sure no errors happen when typing which means less time spent correcting mistakes later down the line – great news if you’re a fast typer like me who hates waiting!

6. MoKo Clear Grip Soft Flexible Transparent TPU Skin Shockproof Case

MoKo Clear Grip Soft Flexible Transparent TPU Skin Shockproof Case

The frosted clear case is a great choice if you want to show off the beautifully built back of your Samsung Galaxy tablet. It features an open design that allows for easy access and doesn’t hide the stunning looks of this device!

This is a great case for your tablet! It comes with precision cutouts that make sure that the case fits your tablet like a glove and has the perfect outlets/openings for all of the buttons, earphone plugs, and charging points. The best part about this material though? TPU (or thermoplastic polyurethane) offers flexibility without compromising on strength or durability so you never have to worry about it snapping into pieces.

This case is designed to make your tablet as safe and stylish as possible. It’s tear-resistant, lightweight so you don’t have any added stress while at work or attending a meeting, abrasion-resistant for even more protection from anything that comes its way, bubble-free with the matte finish back-giving it an extra touch of style without adding bubbles in between.

The camera lens protection is usually something most people don’t think about until it’s too late, and a lot of times the damage has already been done. Try to avoid any drops with this item that covers your lenses from scratches or breakage!

7. Yocktec Case for Samsung Galaxy TAB S5e (Auto Wake/Sleep)

Yocktec Case for Samsung Galaxy TAB S5e (Auto Wake/Sleep)

The Yocktec Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is one of the best as it’s precisely designed to make your device usable. It fits snugly on the tablet, and you don’t have to worry about safety even if you’re out there in a wild jungle picnicking because its scratchproof design means that your expensive gadget won’t be damaged by scratches or dust.

The exterior of this case is made with solid PU leather material, but the interior features soft microfiber to provide tender care. It opens up easily and utilizes strong magnetic kickstands for a hands-free viewing experience. Further, the precise cutouts ensure no single feature has been blocked.

8. INFILAND Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5 Case

INFILAND Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5 Case

This leather case is perfect for work tablets or as an elegant addition to your home tablet. The look of the high-quality PU leather gives it a classic, professional feel that will show off any device in style.

The sleek, thin cover turns your tablet on and off with the press of a button. It’s available in six different colors to match any style or mood—and is designed for long-lasting protection from scratches and impacts too!

The INFILAND Samsung Galaxy TAB S5e case is a versatile way to take care of your tablet. You can adjust the angle for comfortable viewing, and it also offers you protection with its hard exterior frame that wraps around all four edges while soft silicone protects against scratches on the front or back glass screen.

9. WWW Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5 Case [Luxury Laser Flower]

This case is made of premium PU leather and will protect your Tab S5e from everyday wear and tear. Simply push it into place for a snug fit! The design of the phone is gorgeous. The beauty comes in black or pink, so you can choose your favorite color too!

This WWW Luxury Laser Flower case of a tablet made specifically for Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5” Tablet T720/T725 2019 Release ONLY, and does not fit any other model device including 2018 Galaxy Tab A 10.5 (Model: SM-T590/T595/SM-597).

Using this case, you can set up any angle to watch a movie or chat with friends. The exquisite laser flower design on the exterior is just as pleasing to look at as it is practical for your cards and pencils in storing them without losing grip of either. Your S Pen will always be within reach thanks to its convenient position; all ports are easily accessible too so there’s no need to worry about taking off the cover every time you want access to something specific.

10. Avidet Lightweight Slim case Smart Stand Cover Compatible for Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Lightweight Slim case Smart Stand Cover Compatible for Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

The Tab S5e tablet is a sleek and lightweight device that provides superior comfort during use. The durable PU leather material ensures the screen stays pristine, with softness for those long periods of time in front of the tablet. This case can be used as both a stand or to prop up your favorite reading position so you never have to stop browsing!

Avidet tablet cases are made of high-quality material that is flexible, long-lasting, and handsome. This product has cutouts in the perfect locations to keep your device free from fingerprints or dust while still being able to access all buttons and features efficiently without removing them from its cover. Because Avidet knows what you want most out of a quality case they offer their products with both front covers for full protection as well as back only coverage so you can choose which style best fits your needs.

11. Spigen Tough Armor TECH Designed for Galaxy Tab S5e Case

Spigen Tough Armor TECH Designed for Galaxy Tab S5e Case

The Spigen Full dual-layered protection for extreme defense is the case you need. This durable TPU material will protect your phone from drops and scrapes while also preventing scratches with its raised lip design. It has a built-in kickstand that provides two easy viewing angles, making it perfect to watch videos or movies on any occasion! The best part? Its compatibility with our brand screen protector makes installation quick and stress-free–so order today before they’re gone!

Don’t be fooled by the lightweight of this Galaxy Tab S5e case! It is made out of durable and flexible material, which will protect your device from drops. The sleek design also fits perfectly in any bag or backpack that you are carrying around campus with ease.

12. Fintie Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5 2019 Model (Slim Stand Cover)

Fintie Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5 2019 Model (Slim Stand Cover)

Typing up documents for work is a pain in the neck. Who has time to type all day? The answer, according to this article: you! A keyboard case can really simplify your life by making it easier and more convenient to do everything from email correspondence with clients or surfing the web on an iPad Pro.

“The Folio is a one-of-a-kind leather keyboard that comes in a variety of colors. The backlit keys can be any color you want, and offer up to 7 different shades.”

13. PULEN Leather Smart Case with Stand

PULEN Leather Smart Case with Stand

The Pullen slim and lightweight Galaxy Tab S5e case will make sure that your device doesn’t add any bulk while protecting it from harm. With its hardcover design, this particular option is perfect for those who love to read or watch movies on their tablet.

The inside of the case is lined with soft microfiber padding to ensure that your device retains its texture even after prolonged use. The edges are also made out of TPU for protection against scratches so you can enjoy unobstructed gestures and swipes on the screen as it remains crisp smooth. It opens up in various angles, providing a hands-free viewing experience all while maintaining a built-in kickstand mechanism that allows you to view comfortably without having to hold onto anything!

14. DTTO Premium Leather Folio Cover with Hard Back for Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

DTTO Premium Leather Folio Cover with Hard Back for Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

The DTTO case is made from premium leather and has a folio cover. It offers a multi-functional design with features like an elastic stylus pen holder, organizer pocket, as well as stable stand mode for facetime watching or typing on the tablet.

This Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e case is made of durable material to protect your investment. The interior has a hardback, which will keep it safe from breaking when dropped or bumped into something like coffee cups and textbooks on the table next to you in class! It even features document card pockets so that papers can be kept close for quick access throughout the day. Choose between three different colors: red, green, black!

15. Skycase Multi-Angle Viewing Stand Folio Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Case

Skycase Multi-Angle Viewing Stand Folio Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Case

This beautiful canvas case comes in three different colors. The perfect size for someone on the go, it has 3 slots that will fit a credit card or other important cards! The pencil holder on top of the pad allows you to keep a pen or stylus handy at all times.

These Skycase Protective Cases for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5″ 2019 Release are hand-made with durable canvas and fabric linings, reinforced stitches, cardholders inside, and an exterior pocket to store your business cards or bank cards while on the go.

Conclusion – The Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Case

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is a great tablet for entertainment, but be cautious! The large screen makes it more vulnerable to damage. Fortunately, the best cases do not break your budget and will keep you from having to replace your device all too soon.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Case is the perfect accessory for Samsung Tab s5e users who want to prevent scratches from penetrating that gorgeous AMOLED display. With a built-in screen protector, you’ll never have to worry about dropping your tablet again!

We hope you have found your favorite Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Case from our List. If you have any suggestions to make changes to the list. Then we would like to hear from you out. Comment your suggestion below!

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