6 Best iPhone 12 Mini Wallet Cases (2021)

When you’re constantly on the go, it’s easy to drop your phone. The best iPhone 12 mini wallet cases are here for those times when the phone slips from your fingers or tumbles from a desk in an office where there is no cubicle wall to break its fall. Plus, it can help enhance the looks of any diminutive handset and most importantly – has just enough space inside that will fit all three credit cards (and cash) without being too stiff so they won’t get lost among everything else like keys!

The new iPhone 12 Mini is the perfect size for a phone when you need your hands free. This device displays an OLED panel that will be easy to see and still has room in your pockets!

The newest Apple product, iPhone 12 mini, has been introduced as the smallest member of this series with its 5-inch display screen on a body that’s actually smaller than their previous model – The SE. You’ll find yourself wanting protection for such delicate technology but luckily there are plenty of options like durable cases from companies like Otterbox or Lifeproof which can help keep it safe without adding bulkiness to what really needs space – those fingers holding onto all these shiny apps pressing buttons too quickly so we lose our grip before finding one worth.

The new iPhones all offer Ceramic Shield displays to reduce the risk of damage, but for a little more protection you might want to go with an iPhone case. They come in many different styles and materials that will suit your needs!

The iPhone 12 Mini is a compact, minimalistic device that’s perfect for those who prefer to keep things simple. You can take this up a notch with an iPhone 12 Mini wallet case – double the functionality of your phone and store essential cards or cash in one handy accessory you’ll always have on hand when going out! So if it makes sense for you, choose from these best iPhone 12 mini wallet Cases and get more done without adding any extra weight to carry around.

The Best iPhone 12 Mini Wallet Cases

1. Spigen Slim Armor Best iPhone 12 Mini Wallet Case

Spigen Slim Armor Best iPhone 12 Mini Wallet Case
Compatible Phone ModelsiPhone 12 Mini
MaterialTPU, Polycarbonate
Display Size5.4 inches

First, on our list of best iPhone 12 mini wallet cases is the Slim armor case by Spigen. Spigen’s iPhone 12 mini Slim Armor Wallet Case is a sleek solution for those who want to be hands-free and look stylish. The four different colors allow you to choose your favorite, while the protection from drops prevents damage to both phone and cards inside!

The Spigen case is perfect for those who are looking for protection without compromising on style. It has dual-layered construction to offer the best possible drop protection and remains slim enough to fit in your pocket or bag, which means you can easily carry around cards and money while keeping it all protected at the same time! Plus, this sleek but durable wallet comes with a card slot that holds up to 2 cards so you’ll have everything in one place – no more carrying both an expensive phone AND wallets after all!

2. Otterbox Strada Series Wallet Case for iPhone 12 Mini

Otterbox Strada Series Wallet Case for iPhone 12 Mini
Compatible Phone ModelsiPhone 12 mini
MaterialLeather, Polycarbonate
Form FactorBasic Case

The Strada Series wallet case from OtterBox is made to suit your classic desires. This elegant-looking case features premium quality leather and a polycarbonate shell, perfect for housing an iPhone 12 Mini (the newest model!) The design of this genuinely old-fashioned accessory will quench any thirst you have for something different!

OtterBox’s new leather folio case for the iPhone 12 mini has a vertical card slot to hold cash or cards, so you don’t have to carry your wallet everywhere. This slim and sleek design is perfect for people who want something pocket-friendly! The Otterbox limited lifetime warranty provides protection that will last as long as it does.

OtterBox cases have you covered with DROP+ certification, protecting your device from damage 3x more than a standard case. You can also store up to 4 cards in the Otter Box’s card slots that come equipped on their protective cases.

3. Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 2

Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 2
Compatible Phone ModelsiPhone 12 mini
Color[Flavor of the Month]
Special FeatureSlim Fit, Kickstand, Heavy Duty Protection, Raised Bezel, Air-Pocket Corners
MaterialGrippy Sides, Textured Wallet (TPU)

The Smartish Case is elegant and functional. The sleek design houses space for up to 3 cards with easy thumb access, making it a fashionable way to store all of your most important belongings in one place!

Can’t find your credit card? Prop up the phone with any old, small-sized card to watch Netflix and chill. This way you don’t risk dropping it like it’s hot! Think of airbags for your iPhone — those magnets are too big for a magnet that size anyway.

When I first started carrying a smartphone, it was hard to find one that would fit. But the smartish wallet case for iPhone 12 mini has textured slides so your phone doesn’t slip out of my hands and protective air-pocket corners just in case you lose grip on yours either! Plus raised edges around the screen and camera work like a charm when your device is lying flat or propped up – giving me peace of mind knowing everything’s safe with this product!

These new smartish wallet cases are great because they have specific features designed to keep my iPhone from falling off an edge onto concrete: textured slides help me hold tight without slipping while also protecting against falls thanks to its cleverly positioned air pockets.

4. SHIELDON Case for iPhone 12 Mini

SHIELDON Case for iPhone 12 Mini
Compatible Phone ModelsiPhone 12 Mini & Others
ColorMidnight Green
Special FeatureKickstand, Book Design, Card Slots
MaterialGenuine Leather & Soft Holder Case

The case will protect your phone from bumps and scratches, while the interior seams are where you’ll notice all of its included features. The wallet is made with durable leather that comes in three colors: black, brown, or red. It also has precise cutouts for easy access to your camera section without compromising on protecting it against other elements like dirt or dust particles.

The first thing you’ll notice is a compartment for up to 3 cards and a side pocket with space for your ID card or cash. The inside of each slot has RFID shielding fabric, so that modern-day theft is prevented. Towards the left there’s an area designated just right for storing your iPhone 12 Mini; this will remain secured through magnetic force holding it all together.

5. Dockem Wallet Case for iPhone 12 Mini

Dockem Wallet Case for iPhone 12 Mini

Your phone will never have to leave your side again. This wallet is not just for cards and cash, it has a place for everything! The bottom section of the multipurpose wallet remains open so that you can easily charge up or listen to music while on the go. Designed with faux leather and premium buttons along its sides, this sleek design offers seamless access controls as well as holding an ample amount of space for all items needed in any given day’s outing.

The iPhone 12 mini is now available in a sleek new design, with its own case that protects it and provides easy access to all ports. This lightweight shell has the feel of premium canvas style synthetic leather mixed with an UltraGrip twill texture so you can easily hold onto your phone without fear of dropping it. The casing doesn’t get too thick at only 12 mm–with 1 card inserted for cash emergencies or just convenience purposes! We also include a separate slot for carrying one credit/debit card because we know how important these cards are when going wallet-less sometimes.

The wallet case is designed in a way that makes it stand out from the rest. Besides coming with an integrated metal plate, which helps you to wirelessly charge your phone, it also comes with magnetic mounts for easy attachment and detachment of any wireless chargers.

6. i-Blason Cosmo Slim Designer Wallet Case for iPhone 12 Mini

i-Blason Cosmo Slim Designer Wallet Case for iPhone 12 Mini
Compatible Phone ModelsiPhone
MaterialTPU & Polycarbonate
Form FactorBumper

I love this case for my iPhone 12 Mini! I have been struggling to find a protective and stylish wallet that would fit the phone without adding bulkiness.

It’s hard finding an attractive, sleek-looking iphone12 mini cover with plenty of storage space. When I saw this one online at first glance, it seemed like the perfect choice; durable yet compact enough not to add any weight or thickness. Now after having seen in person what all you can do with such a cute little package – there are no words left but “gorgeous” and “durable!”

The case is crafted using strong TPU material and polycarbonate to provide protection. You could notice the raised bezels around the screen and camera for added security, as well as a kangaroo-pouch that can house up to two cards or some cash so you’re always prepared.


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