10 Best iPhone 12 Mini Battery Cases (2021)

If you are looking for the Best iPhone 12 Mini Battery Cases, then you are in the right place. The iPhone 12 offers an impressive battery life of about eight hours, but when you’re traveling or camping and don’t have a charger on hand, it can be difficult to keep your phone going. That’s why the best way is that with a battery case for those long days!

Best iPhone 12 Mini Battery Case
Battery case for iPhone 12 Mini

A battery case will give your iPhone 12 Mini that extra boost it needs to keep up with you. Despite its size, this compact phone comes equipped with a small 2,227mAh battery–which is not enough for power users like me who are always capturing media and watching videos on their phones.

The iPhone 12 Mini Battery Cover is perfect for when you’re always losing charge and don’t want to be bothered with a charger. But finding the right case that protects your phone can be difficult too, so we got you covered! here is the list of the best iPhone 12 Mini battery cases in 2021 for you to choose from.

The Best iPhone 12 Mini Battery Cases to Buy in 2021

1. NEWDERY’s Best iPhone 12 mini Battery Case

NEWDERY's Best iPhone 12 mini Battery Case

NEWDERY iPhone 12 mini Battery Case is the perfect solution to keep your battery charged with a 4700mAh capacity. With an LED indicator light, you’ll always know how much power is left in this sleek and sturdy case that will provide double the charge of your phone’s daily lifespan! Simply turn it on or off by pressing its switch button-simple as pie!

The iPhone 12 mini battery case is both stylish and functional. It includes a Qi wireless charger, so you can safely charge your phone without having to remove the protective cover! The audio transmission has been upgraded for clearer sound quality with Bluetooth support included.

Finally, this Qi-enabled battery case is compatible with Apple’s wireless charger so you can charge your iPhone without removing the phone from its protective casing. And while it doesn’t support MagSafe, that means there are no fumbling cords to worry about and less risk for accidental disconnections or damage when dropping on hard surfaces like marble floors (ouch!).

This new product will make your life easier by ensuring a safe way of charging even if you drop off an edge!

2. Alpatronix Battery Case for iPhone 12 Mini (Wireless Charging Compatible)

Alpatronix Battery Case for iPhone 12 Mini

Well, if you’re looking to make your phone last as long as it can without being able to wirelessly charge from a charging pad or wireless charger in the perfect position for every occasion, Alpatronix just might have the answer. They’ve got cases that are compatible with any Qi-enabled charger and will allow users of an iPhone XS Max (ahem) up to 3 hours more battery life by using this case.

Alpatronix is a company that has been designing battery cases for iPhones since the release of iPhone 6. The Alpatronix California-designed 4000mAh UL-tested Battery Case provides you with an extra long lasting charge, giving you up to 30 hours of additional talk time and 20 days standby time! This product also comes equipped with Qi wireless charging so your phone can be fully charged without ever removing it from the case.

This battery case is perfect for those who are always on the go or need a little more time to finish their work. It uses an original Lightning connector, so you can charge and sync data with your iPhone 12mini while in this tough but sleek product. The lightning audio headphones such as EarPods will allow sound without needing to remove your phone from its new protective shell every time you want to access it again! This handy device also offers front screen protection that’s raised higher than most cases out there – making sure no scratches happen during daily use. And if anything does get through all of these layers? You don’t even have to worry because included tempered glass shields cover 100% of our screens when they’re not in use.

This sleek and stylish battery case is designed for your mobile device. It includes a tempered glass screen protector, user manual, 1-year warranty (2 years available at no extra cost), and more!

3. JERSS Slim Portable Rechargeable Battery Case

JERSS Slim Portable Rechargeable Battery Case

Imagine the frustration of not having enough battery life in your phone. Wouldn’t it be nice to just have a case with you that could give your iPhone 12 Mini an extra 6000mAh charge? That’s what JERSS has made possible for all those who want to keep their phones charged at any time. The company produces chargers certified by CE, FC, and RoHs so they’re safe as well! This will allow people who own this charger more talk-time or surfing without worrying about draining power on their device too quickly. A great choice for travel–who wants to worry if there are outlets available when taking long trips.

The 6000mAh Best iPhone 12 Mini battery case was built for people on the go. Never worry about running out of power again with this phone charger that will allow you to freely talk, listen to music and watch movies without worrying about your low battery! If need be, a wireless headphone is compatible so now there are no more worries when it comes time to call in an emergency or catch up with friends at work – just charge away from home using USB ports found around town.

You can install the soft top piece by sliding your device into place through its bottom opening; after the installation has been completed all you have left to do is wait as charging begins automatically thanks to intuitive design features like easy-to-read LED lights which show how much juice remains inside of the external rechargeable.

4. Beseller iPhone 12 Mini Rugged Battery Case

Beseller iPhone 12 Mini Rugged Battery Case

Now you can charge your phone with this sleek battery case that protects it too! The iPhone 12 Mini design is made of a soft TPU material, and the back shell is stiff for protection. It has an in-built 4700mAh Li-polymer battery to power up on the go which will last as long as the lithium-ion batteries we are all accustomed to using today.

An innovative new product from Beseller gives us peace of mind when our phones die: their iPhone 12 Mini Battery Case. Made out of elegant silicone rubber and protected by hard plastic backing plates, they built-in durable 4650 mAH lithium Polymer battery keeps any device powered up anywhere at any time – no more dead devices or worrying about charging while doing other kinds of stuff.

Are you always worried about your phone battery? Don’t suffer from low power anxiety with a Battery case! The soft TPU and hardback shell prevent overheating or short-circuiting. This durable 4700 mAh Li-polymer battery has industry regulatory certificates: CE, Rohs, FCC to ensure it’s safe for use. Say goodbye to moments of discomfort when the dreaded “low battery alert” pops up on the screen–this thing will take care of everything so that you can focus more energy on what matters most.

The Power Case is a perfect way to keep your phone safe and secure. With the LED lights, you know exactly how much power it has left when in case mode. The smooth surface also helps protect against wear and tear that might happen over time with the daily use of your device. From technical support to quality customer service, we are here for every step of the process!

The Power Case offers 360° protection from everyday contact such as hand-fall or wearing out due to usage while charging on this sleek little gadget protecting not only our iPhones but their camera too! The small size makes the product easier yet more durable which will serve well if dropped frequently throughout its lifespan thanks to some cool smart LEDs indicating battery life.

5. Mophie Juice Pack Connect Compact

mophie Juice Pack Connect Compact

Mophie Juice Pack Connect Compact Battery Case is a revolutionary new device that doubles your charging capacity with an attachable battery pack. Just snap it on to any iPhone case and never worry about the phone’s battery again!

Problem: you’re constantly running out of juice in the middle of important conversations or while waiting for things like videos to load? Mophie has found just what you need with their innovative, removable 70% extra charge portable power station! Simply attach this accessory onto virtually ANY iPhone cover- whether it’s silicone rubber or leather case-and get up to 2 hours more talk time (or video viewing) before needing another recharge.

6. Allezru Portable Protective Charger Case

Allezru Portable Protective Charger Case

Stay on top of your game with the Allezru Battery Case for the iPhone 12 Mini. With a 3600mAh battery and 360-degree protection, you can keep your phone charged to its full potential in any environment or situation. Press the power button for three seconds to start charging, then press it again when needed throughout the day!

Don’t get caught out by the wrong size of screen protector. Compatible with iPhone 12 mini (5.4″) only, not compatible for Pro or Max models from previous years as they will cover your camera lens and flash on the backside respectively which is dangerous to use in day-to-day life! You can contact them if you have any questions before purchasing a product though we’re online 24/7 so don’t worry about reaching customer service hours that would be too inconvenient for you – just give their team members an email anytime during their workweek at [email protected].

No need to take the battery case off, you can charge it and your phone simultaneously with the original iPhone cable. Compatible with Apple’s native headphones or wireless Bluetooth headphone accessories; enjoy music anytime while charging!

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7. ZEROLEMON Best iPhone 12 Mini Battery Case (Wireless Charging Supported)

ZEROLEMON Best iPhone 12 Mini Battery Case

The ZEROLEMON Battery Case is a sleek and low-profile design that fits snugly around your phone to provide the best protection while also providing an increase in battery life. It’s designed for maximum drop protection with its secure grip, yet it manages to be lightweight!

Why waste time with cables when you could have Qi-enabled wireless charging? This battery case allows for the phone to be fully charged first, and then it will charge up your battery. It is compatible with any lightning earphone; enables data sync on computers without removing the bulky case! And if that’s not enough, this product also works as a CarPlay and Apple Pay holder–keeping all of these functions accessible while keeping your iPhone safe from damage in one place.

ZeroLemon offers a 365-day replacement guarantee with 30 days of Full Refund and lifetime customer support. The four AirCusion corners absorb more shock when the phone drops, so your device will be protected from all angles. These corner air cushions are slim enough for pockets and easy to carry on you at all times; they offer superior protection that is sure to keep your devices safe.

8. SNSOU 6000mAh Ultra-Slim Charger Case (Rechargeable Battery)

SNSOU 6000mAh Ultra-Slim Charger Case

If you’re the type of person who can’t go a day without their phone, this sleek battery case is for you. Charge your dead iPhone with 6000mAh power that gives 50 hours of music time, 18 hours of talk-time, and 12 minutes on video or 15 website browsing sessions. It’s perfect for when you have to be out all day!

SNSOU Battery Case is made to protect your phone from any damage. It has a raised rubber bezel surrounding the screen, and with precise camera hole dimension you won’t have to worry about blocking it while taking photos or videos! There’s even an audio hole for all of your music needs without having to turn up the volume too high.

You can charge this case in three simple steps: slide out one side until it pops open; insert device into bottom tightly; long press on button 3 seconds until charging starts. The battery percentage at which you are charged will show through backlit buttons that light up when pressed- so there’s never another guess as how much power left!

Your phone is dying. You’re on your way to work but you have a presentation that’s due in an hour and there are no outlets available for charging up at the office! Luckily, with SNSOU iPhone 12 Mini battery case, all of these worries will be taken care of without having to switch cases every time you plug into different chargers or devices. The sleek design means it just adds barely any size so don’t worry about missing out on protection while also giving you back precious minutes spent looking for plugs when yours dies again tomorrow morning before leaving home.

9. HOUMAT iPhone 12 Mini Battery Case (Portable)

HOUMAT iPhone 12 Mini Battery Case

The HOUMAT iPhone 12 Mini Battery Case is a perfect solution for those who need extra power. This case comes with an endurable 6000mAh battery that can double your daily lifespan and keep you powered up for longer periods of time, all while neatly tucked in the back pocket! The built-in LED indicator light will let you know how much power is left so there’s no more guessing game about when to stop using it. With just one touch on the button, this powerful charger switches on/ off quickly and seamlessly.

The ease of use in a battery case is unmatched. You can charge both your iPhone and the included charging cable while still protecting it with one-piece design, making installation easy as well! All you need to do is slide your phone into the charger sleeve like any other protective case then press on back power button for 3 seconds before using. Once plugged in, 4 LED lights will tell you how much juice remains by lighting up 1 at a time from left to right until they are all lit meaning there’s nothing more that needs topped off which means this device has saved me so many times when I am out running errands or attending events where my poor little guy was about ready shut down completely but thanks to our friends.

10. Fey Extended Battery Charging Case for iPhone 12 Mini

Fey Extended Battery Charging Case for iPhone 12 Mini

With the Fey iPhone 12 Mini charger case, you’ll never have to worry about a dead phone again! It’s durable and can provide full back cover protection against scratches or daily damage. With 4000mAh power that provides a boost of 150%, it is convenient for everyday use – so be sure not to leave home without this handy accessory in your bag!

The external backup battery power bank case for iPhone 12 Mini features 4 LED lights to tell you how much charge is left in the device and has safe internal circuit protection against overheating, overload, and short circuits. It allows hands-free enjoyment of music or phone calls while charging your iOS without removing the protective cover.

Lithium Li-polymer, specially produced for iPhone 12 Mini 5G Cellphone ONLY. This charger not only charges your mobile but also protects it from damage at the same time! Take two functions and avoid worrying about battery failure when you’re on the go.

Conclusion – Best iPhone 12 Mini Battery Cases

The Alpatronix is the best iPhone 12 Mini battery case you can find, and it’s even compatible with wireless charging. This means that not only will your phone have a long-lasting power supply but all of its accessories like earbuds or Bluetooth devices will too.

A power bank that is also a protective case and an iPhone 12 Mini battery cover. The JERRS Battery Case for the new iPhone has 6000mAh lithium batteries to charge your mobile at any time, anywhere! Not only does it have all this space to accommodate the storage of your phone’s other accessories, but with its durable design, you can protect against damages as well. Whereas if you don’t need so much protection or just want something simpler for charging purposes then Idealforce would be more fitting. They offer 4700mAh rechargeable battery capacity which will let you enjoy games without worrying about low onboard energy supply from one device – now how practical is that?

Battery cases are a great way to keep your iPhone charged and ready for whatever life throws at you, but they take up precious space in our already cluttered bags. The downside is that batteries can be bulky when you’re on the go–but what’s more important? Your phone or all of your other stuff? Share with us in the comments below.

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