31 Best GoPro Hero 8 Accessories to Buy in 2021

The new GoPro Hero 8 Black is a great camera to use out of the box, but adding in some accessories can help you create even better videos. So for you, we bring this giant list of 31 Best GoPro Hero 8 Accessories. The most popular addition among users is Hyper Smooth 2.0 stabilization which provides for smoother footage and up to 4K resolution at about 60FPS on this action camcorder with a 12MP sensor size that captures excellent images from any angle!

The GoPro Hero 8 is a revolutionary camera that can capture high-quality video, but it’s not waterproof. What good are your memories if they’re sitting on the floor of some deep pool? Luckily there are accessories for those looking to go deeper into their adventures and have peace of mind when exploring in water. Here is a list – both standard and even specialized gear – so you never miss out again!

Now without wasting any more time, let’s start the list of 31 best GoPro Hero 8 Black accessories that are available in the market. All these best accessories for GoPro Hero 8 Black will make your action camera much more versatile and awesome.


The Best GoPro Hero 8 Accessories List of 2021

1. GoPro Official 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod Mount

GoPro Official 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod Mount

The GoPro 3-Way is a must-buy accessory for your Hero 8 Black. It comes with three functionalities, which should be enough to get you through all the handling and navigation needs that come up during filming. The 3-way mount includes an arm meant specifically for camera grip shots as well as one that can extend depending on what kind of shot you need (i.e., static).

This will save so much time because there’s no more buying different mounts just for their specific use cases! So don’t wait any longer; this product has everything your hero does – and it won’t disappoint when it comes to taking great footage on the move!

2. GoPro Official Media Mode (Best GoPro Hero 8 Accessories)

The second in our list of 31 Best GoPro Hero 8 Accessories is Media Mode which is Officially sold by GoPro on Amazon.

The camera is a great way to film different things, but sometimes you want something more. That’s where the Media Mod comes in! It has a built-in mic and HDMI output so that your audience can hear what they’re watching for better immersion as well as be able to see it on any monitor or TV with a regular HDMI input. The USB port allows users of GoPros version 8 black edition models (which are all compatible) easy access for charging their Hero8 cameras without removing them from this case, making sure people never miss out on filming because of dead batteries again!.

The media mod launched by GoPro provides cold shoe mounts which allow other accessories like lights and displays to work together seamlessly with its own features such as directional microphones, audio, 2 cold-shoe mounts to attach your favorite lights, mics, or LCD screens.

3. GoPro Official 3.5mm Mic Adapter for Hero 8

GoPro Official 3.5mm Mic Adapter for Hero 8

The adapter is an affordable, easy-to-use tool that connects your camera and microphone. The adapter has a protective shield over the mic element which can be flipped down to mute it for recording quiet scenes of flipping up when you need its maximum sensitivity while shooting outdoors with wind noise.

Simply plugging this into your camera enables it to catch sound at a higher quality than not using one would provide; however, if you want even better audio then consider purchasing additional equipment like wireless microphones so as not to have any cords getting tangled on set.

The connector is 90-degree that gives more flexibility and streamlined connections. It enables stereo mic input for external audio sources like an audio recorder or mixer. A 106 dB conversion system ensures crystal clear sound quality, so it’s perfect if you’re a vlogger/moto vlogger who likes to capture their own voice too!

4. GoPro Hero 8 Compatible SD Card

Best SD Card for GoPro Hero 8 Black

The competition is tough to choose the best SD card for your GoPro Hero 8. We’ve collected a list of some top contenders in our list of 11 Best SD Card for GoPro Hero 8 Black, but you should also check out our guide on what SD cards work with this camera and which ones are worth it before purchasing!

The selection process can be tricky when trying to find that perfect memory card for your new GoPro Hero 8 Black; here’s why: The maximum bit rate means there will never be any lagging problems or interruptions while filming or taking pictures as long as they’re compatible files like MP4s- not RAW photos. Check out our article showcasing some of the best memory cards available right now so you don’t spend all day browsing through Amazon reviews instead!

5. Floating Handgrip for Hero 8 (2021)

Floating Handgrip for Hero 8 (2021)

In this world of social media and high-quality video, it can be hard to stand out from the pack. If you’re looking for a way to make your videos more interesting than those taken with just an iPhone or iPad then maybe consider adding some underwater shots! It’s not all that easy taking these types of pictures without a handgrip though which is why I recommend checking out this portable floating one instead – it comes in bright orange so if you do lose them beneath the waves, they’ll still float up against its surface (literally) whereas other colors will blend right into their surroundings making them difficult to spot.

The rubberized texture on the inside ensures that any GoPro Hero 8 Black camera stays securely fit within while providing plenty of gripping.

6. GoPro Light Mod (HERO8 Black) GoPro Accessories

GoPro Light Mod (HERO8 Black) GoPro Accessories

You can’t always wait for the right lighting situation to come by. Sometimes you need a little light in an instant, and that’s where this handy Light Mod comes into play. This tiny attachment is compatible with either your Hero8 or Hero9 Black camera- it clips on easily so there are no worries about losing it when not using it! With four levels of brightness as well as 30 seconds worth of Overdrive mode, you’ll never have trouble finding what works best for any given scenario!

The strobe button also acts like a signaler just in case someone needs help nearby; perfect if out camping at night time or exploring caves during the day. Plus both models feature 5700K color temperature which makes colors look more true.

7. Dual Battery Charger + Battery (Hero 8/7/6)

Dual Battery Charger + Battery for GoPro Hero 8

The GoPro Hero 8 charger is a must-have for any adventurer or videographer. This battery can charge two batteries simultaneously, ensuring that your camera has enough juice to last the day without interruption. The sleek style of this lightweight power bank makes it easy to carry around with you while on location and features LED lights that indicate when charging begins as well as letting you know how much longer until fully charged!

The GoPro Superchargers, an optional accessory for up to 38% faster charging, and dual-port charger with a spare rechargeable battery are something you should have if your camera is going on long excursions. With its 1220mAh recommended capacity, the batteries will allow two hours of shooting during periods when no power source can be found or charged in time.

8. GoPro Shorty Mini Extension Pole Tripod

GoPro Shorty Mini Extension Pole Tripod

The GoPro Shorty Mini is a convenient 3-in-1 accessory that combines the handgrip, tripod, and selfie stick. This means your travel photos will look impeccable whether you’re shooting them up close or at an impressive distance!

The GoPro Shorty Mini is the perfect camera accessory for all adventurers and adrenaline junkies. It’s a mini extension pole with tripod capability, so you can capture photos or videos of your exciting adventures anywhere! The compact design makes it easy to take on any adventure without worrying about lugging around an extra piece of equipment.

The Shorty is the perfect partner for all on-the-go activities, traveling, and more. The Extend version with a size up to 8.9 inches is great for group shots, selfies, and other hard-to-reach angles when it’s too far away from your subject to get a good view of their face or what they’re doing; you’ll need this to capture some serious footage! Definitely one of my favorite GoPro Hero 8 Black accessories that everyone should buy ASAP because who doesn’t want amazing photos?

9. Kupton Waterproof GoPro Hero 8 Housing Case

Kupton Waterproof GoPro Hero 8 Housing Case

Kupton is an excellent choice for Hero 8 Black owners who want a protective case that offers full housing protection from all corners. It docks flush with the phone and has perfect cutouts for the camera, display, and buttons so you don’t have to worry about any leaks due to these openings.

Other than being waterproof up to 60 meters underwater (no one can beat this!), Kupton also comes equipped with the two-layer design which ensures fantastic shock absorption throughout your device’s life cycle while meeting military drop-test standards without sacrificing its aesthetics or functionality!

10. GoPro Floaty (HERO8 Black) – Official GoPro Accessory

GoPro Floaty (HERO8 Black) - Official GoPro Accessory

The Floaty accessory is a perfect purchase for those who are interested in protecting their Hero 8 Black. This coat comes snug around the camera and has protective padding, making it an excellent choice to provide peace of mind when using your new gadget by keeping you from worrying about losing it or having it get wet!

11. Amazon Basics Waterproof Floating Hand Grip for GoPro Hero 8

Amazon Basics Waterproof Floating Hand Grip for GoPro Hero 8

The Floating Waterproof Camera Grip is a must for anyone who wants to take stunning photos while on-water adventures. With an ergonomic rubber grip, this waterproof camera accessory allows you to capture those rare shots that are difficult or impossible with the standard selfie stick because it floats and has high visibility; it’s also completely submersible up to 16ft so you can enjoy your swim without fear of dropping your phone in deep waters!

The Floating Waterproof Camera Grip is a versatile tool that every adventurous photographer needs. The comfortable grippy surface provides better handling when wet conditions get rowdy but its main feature-ability lies in its ability to stay afloat at all times which means if accidentally dropped into murky depths, there’s no need for panic.

The floating hand grip is specially designed for GoPro, so you can get the best footage when in or around the water. The high-torque screw adapter attaches to any mount and tightens securely with simple turns. It also comes equipped with a ¼”-20 threaded insert that connects an attachment or mounts it on a tripod without worry about losing your device while using it! Furthermore, the wrist strap allows users to attach this item safely onto either of their wrists – meaning there’s no chance they’ll lose their expensive camera during use.

12. GoPro Bite Mount + Floaty (All GoPro Cameras)

GoPro Bite Mount + Floaty (All GoPro Cameras)

The GoPro Bite Mount with Floaty is the perfect addition to your kit bag for those who want incredible shots of their surfing or other aquatic activities. The mount, which can be used whether you have one hand free or not, secures the camera in place and allows users to capture stable POV footage without worrying about it bouncing around.

The Bite Mount is the perfect tool for getting that shot you’ve been drooling over. It’s compatible with any GoPro, has a range of motion to get just the right angle, and comes equipped with its own buckle so your camera doesn’t go flying off into space when things start loosening up.

With the Floaty, you can avoid losing your camera to a watery grave because of its bright color and buoyancy. If it drops into the depths below, just put out your arm in an arc pattern while diving down until you spot that orange blob bobbing up from below!

13. Deyard GoPro Hero 8 Screen Protector

Deyard GoPro Hero 8 Screen Protector

The Deyard screen protector is a 0.3mm tempered glass that will give your Hero 8 Black the perfect protection from any damage as it shields both its display and camera lens. This means you can expect better scratch resistance, drop protection, sharp colors with just enough touch sensitivity in this quality-made product without leaving marks on the phone or bugging out of visibility for photos/videos either!

The GO-PRO HERO 8 Screen Protector is made of high hardness 9H tempered glass, protecting the GoPro hero 8 Black screens from daily scratches and scrapes. This protector will also keep your screen looking new even after a few light falls or accidents that create some wear on it.

14. GoPro Protective Housing (HERO8 Black) Best Accessories

GoPro Protective Housing (HERO8 Black)

GoPro has made a splash with their new Hero 8 Black camera, but what if you want to take it underwater? This protective housing will keep your investment safe. The skeleton door also improves audio capture by blocking out water and other external noise!

If you’re plotting some underwater adventures for the GoPro Hero8 Black camera, then this protective housing should definitely be on top of your list of priorities. It extends the diving range from 10m (33ft) up to 60m (197 ft.), while keeping all buttons operable inside – so nothing is lacking in functionality or accessibility when using either dive mode option available at any given time. Furthermore, the case is designed ruggedly enough that even bumps against surfaces won’t put too much stress on protecting its outer layer.

15. SanDisk Extreme microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card with Adapter

SanDisk Extreme microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card with Adapter

The SanDisk Extreme Pro 160MB/s U3 4K SD Card saves you time when transferring high-resolution images and uninterrupted 4k UHD video with its read speeds. This card has a write speed of 60 MB/s for fast shooting, while also being rated A2 to keep your GoPro Hero 8 ready to go at all times. It is the perfect storage solution for recording adventures or sporting events on any kind of device that takes an SD card!

Protect your action camera with this card that is waterproof, shockproof, and even x-ray proof! This means you won’t have to worry about its durability. The RescuePRO Deluxe data recovery software download offer makes it easier to recover files accidentally deleted from a device too so don’t forget to get one for yourself.

16. SP Gadgets POV Unisex Monopied (Best GoPro Hero 8 Accessories)

SP Gadgets POV Unisex Monopied

The black SP-Gadgets 36″ P.O.V Pole is an incredible telescoping pole mount for GoPro HERO 8 Black action cameras that offers the ability to extend from 11.25cm all the way up to a whopping 36 cm! With its twist locking design, you can be sure it will never spin out of position or loosen when in use, and with three-prong mounts on hand this great product makes using your camera even easier by easily attaching it securely onto most other housings including Hero 8 Black.

The SP-Gadgets 36″ P.O.V. Pole is a versatile device that can be used as both an extension or selfie stick, with a dual-diameter handgrip for more grip and stability, adjustable wrist strap so you never lose your pole when using it to take pictures of yourself from the ground up!

The SP-Gadgets 36″ Pole has many features that make it easy to use any time anywhere – whether setting up shots on the balcony at home waiting for guests who are running late or filming during outdoor adventures like climbing mountains in exotic locations around the world.

17. GoPro Suction Cup Mount (GoPro Official Mount)

GoPro Suction Cup Mount (GoPro Official Mount)

The GoPro Suction Cup Mount is the perfect companion to your Hero 8 Black when you are on wheels. Whether it’s a car, motorcycle, or boat ride that has taken you into the high-speed territory – this mount can withstand up to 150mph and keep your camera securely in place while still recording all of those unforgettable moments.

The mount is lightweight and easily attachable to any surface. It has a quick-release function for easy movement of the camera while staying stable with its high-quality grip, perfect for capturing your adventures at speed!

The cam mount has got you covered if you’re looking to capture all those thrills during an adventure – even on a bike or scooter that can go up to 40 mph. The sleek design features four magnets for more stability when moving around quickly instead of having it be too shaky from bumps in the road (or off-road!).

18. GoPro Hero 8 Casey (Camera + Mounts + Accessories Case)

GoPro Hero 8 Casey (Camera + Mounts + Accessories Case)

The Casey is the perfect carrying case for an adventurer. It’s designed to keep your GoPro and accessories safe in one place with a customizable interior, protective exterior, removable insert pouch that’s great for small items like SD cards. The hard shell protects against shocks while the weather-resistant design protects from inclement conditions!

Casey is not just any ordinary container; it keeps all of your things together so they are protected at once–even if some falls out when open or closed by accident because there are adjustable dividers inside its customizable space and even a separate pouch for smaller objects such as SD Cards.

19. Amazon Basics Head Strap Camera Mount for GoPro

Amazon Basics Head Strap Camera Mount for GoPro

The waterproof head strap mount not only fits perfectly into your helmet but also keeps the camera securely in one place so you can enjoy a hands-free adventure. From biking to zip-lining or snorkeling, this durable and versatile accessory has been made for any adventurous person who wants perfect footage of their travels.

The Heads trap is a camera mount that allows you to capture your adventures hands-free no matter what the activity. The adjustable head strap has non-slip rubber inserts, which will securely keep it in place on any surface and can be worn comfortably over sunglasses or earbuds while enjoying all of nature’s great sights.

20. Ho Stevie! Premium Armband Leash for Cameras and Mouth Mounts

Ho Stevie! Premium Armband Leash for Cameras and Mouth Mounts

You can surf anywhere with complete peace of mind knowing your GoPro is safe and sound. No longer will you have to worry about dropping, losing, or damaging the device while it’s being used in various water activities! The Armband Leash from Ho Stevie’s warehouse gives a secure hold on any arm – so that even if rouge waves knock it loose during surfing sessions, at least you know where to find it again.

A new release from HO Stevie’s warehouses allows anyone who wants their camera secured for different outdoor adventures like skiing down mountainsides or zipping through rapids in kayaks-to take up arms against drop risks as well as other hazards associated with common pitfalls such as saltwater corrosion which could wipe out all those precious memories.

If you enjoy shooting with your GoPro in the water, this is an accessory that should be on top of your list. It’s worth every penny and will make a world of difference for anyone who has struggled to capture those moments at low angles or even when submerged under the surface!

21. GoPro Official Chest Mount Harness

GoPro Official Chest Mount Harness

You’ll never miss a moment of the action when you use this Official Chest Mount to film your adventures. It’s perfect for capturing thrilling moments while skiing, paragliding, or cycling! The chest mount offers an immersive perspective that includes arms and knees – so it is great at capturing those intense motions during these sports.

The best part about this chest mount is that it comes with an adjustable strap so you can fit any adult. If adventure sports and capturing some stunning shots sound like your thing, then go for the chest mount!

22. GoPro Quik Key Mobile Micro SD Card Reader for Micro USB

GoPro Quik Key Mobile Micro SD Card Reader for Micro USB

What if your keys were also a quick and easy way to transfer files from card to device? Say hello to the GoPro Quik Key, which has been specially designed for speedy transfers. Simply stick the SD or microSD card into its reader (located where you would usually find an actual key), plug it into your iPhone via USB cable, open up the Capture app on iOS and start sharing those creations!

The weather-resistant cover of this nifty contraption means that no matter what type of adventure awaits you next – whether at home or abroad – there’s always going to be time for some high-quality photo editing with friends back home.

23. Pellking Jaws Flex Clamp Hero 8 Mount

Pellking Jaws Flex Clamp Hero 8 Mount

The gooseneck is made of durable, high-quality material and can be adjusted to any height or angle. The clamping force ensures that the camera does not break when subjected to strong forces while remaining stable enough for easy capturing from wide angles with a perfect perspective in every shot.

The Jaw Flex Clamp makes difficult angles easy to capture. It can be attached to any stable, non-moving object with a mount on the clamp for the best quality video recording. With its two connection points and gooseneck, you will have no trouble attaching your camera directly or using it as an extension arm for framing shots of hard-to-reach places like high-up tree branches!

The jaw flex also has gripper pads that allow fixing without sliding if securely fastened onto thin objects like poles in trees so there is never anything standing between getting closer to what matters most.

24. Eggsnow Flexible Mount for GoPro, Twistable Stand for GoPro and Sports Cameras -Black

Eggsnow Flexible Mount for GoPro,Twistable Stand for GoPro and Sport Cameras -Black

At 24th Position, we have Flexible Snake Shaped Mount which is twistable provided us by Eggsnow a seller on amazon.

The Flexible Gopro Stand for GoPro is a versatile accessory that can be used with any camera. It has the ability to extend from 17 inches all the way up to 32 inches and it collapses into an ultra-compact size of 8-inch x 3/8inch, which makes it easy to store in tight spaces when not needed. Sure enough, this mount will hold your device still while you are on different terrain or even underwater! This lightweight stand only weighs 0.28lb so there’s no need to worry about adding extra weight onto your gear bag before heading out on adventures around town or across countries!

25. GoPro Smart Remote (Best GoPro 8 Accessories)

The Smart Remote is the perfect companion for any GoPro Hero 8 Black owner. It not only has all of the features you’ve come to know and love but also comes with a stronger signal that can reach up to 600 feet in ideal filming conditions.

The GoPro Hero8 was designed specifically for adventurers and athletes who crave a lightweight, waterproof camera that can be taken just about anywhere. It’s completely sealed from harsh elements like snowstorms or the ocean waves to depths up to 10 meters (33 feet) below sea level! With its 1080p video capabilities in 120 frames-per-second shooting modes as well as 12MP photos at 30 fps, this is not your average point and shoot; it’s an adventurer’s best friend!

The GoPro Hero8 Black is compatible with nearly all of the most recent models, and that includes the new HERO 8 black. That’s why it made this list of top accessories.

26. GoPro Head Strap with QuickClip

GoPro Head Strap + QuickClip

GoPro offers a head strap mount that is designed to be worn on the forehead and can also attach to helmets. The adjustable straps make it comfortable for any size or age group, making this a good option in case you would like much more control over your camera angles when filming action shots that start from above eye level.

The GoPro Hero 8 is an excellent choice for any adventure seeker who wants to capture their journey with a bird’s eye view. The QuickClip head mount makes it easy to attach the camera to your helmet while biking or playing sports, and its durable build ensures that you will never lose footage because of water damage or impact damage during playtime!

27. Incase Designs Sling Pack for GoPro

Incase Designs Sling Pack for GoPro

In our list of 31 Best GoPro Hero 8 Accessories, we have on 27th position is a Sling Pack by Incase Designs which is available on Amazon. The design of this Backpack is simple and attractive. You can carry it anywhere due to being lightweight it will be easy to carry for even a child.

It is made up of Durable 1680D ballistic nylon with 600D poly non-PVC. It also has a Padded ergonomic shoulder strap with an adjustable quick release buckle which is really a good option from consumers’ size and adjust according to it. You can hold your GoPro Hero 8 or any other model with an iPad and some small accessories such as SD Card, Handgrip, Housing, etc.

28. GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount

GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount

The GoPro Front + Side Mount is perfect for those who are looking to get the best angle possible. The mount was designed with versatility in mind, so you can position it on either side or use it as a front-facing camera. It also comes with an included Swivel Assembly that allows users to adjust their view effortlessly and precisely even when wearing bulky gear like helmets!

This mount is designed for use with helmets, so you can capture footage from a variety of different angles. It includes an integrated mounting buckle that makes it easier to adjust and attach the camera.

This versatile helmet-mounting solution accommodates front or side shots while offering maximum adjustability in order to take advantage of your action cam’s full range capabilities – plus, its easy-to-use mounting system saves time (and frustration) when inserting into/removing from gear loops on backpacks!

29. SmilePowo 51-in-1 Action Camera Accessories Kit for GoPro Hero 8

SmilePowo 51-in-1 Action Camera Accessories Kit for GoPro Hero 8

This is a 51 in 1 GoPro Hero 8 accessory kit. The head strap, chest straps, and adjustable wristbands are all you need to take the best POV videos or photos via your camera! Car suction cups mount let’s you fix your cameras on any position of the car, boat motorcycle wherever YOU want it while 360-degree rotating backpack mounts can meet YOUR needs for directions with its pivoting design that rotates up to 180 degrees horizontally as well as vertically so they will always be level no matter what angle you’re shooting at.

This is an all-inclusive product bundle including everything from head straps and chest clips to waterproof cases – giving videographers more options when filming their adventures.

Swim with your GoPro and enjoy the ride. The floating handgrip ensures that you can take underwater shots without worrying about losing your camera since it will not sink to the bottom of any body of water. You’ll be able to wear this device comfortably thanks to its blue band that stretches around your wrist or fingers for a more secure grip while wearing gloves. This accessory is perfect for activities such as biking, canoeing, kayaking hiking skiing swimming snorkeling, etc., so get one today before they’re gone!

30. Shoot Dome Port Lens for GoPro HERO8 Black

In this day and age, with the advancement of technology, it’s easy to take high-quality photos anywhere. With a few simple steps, you can create those amazing split-screen over/under shots that make your friends on the Instagram green with envy!

After scrolling through my feed for hours admiring great vacation pics, I wondered how people get their pictures looking so good? After doing some research it turns out there are many tricks to taking perfect travel photography.

The dome lens is a big plus for the GoPro Hero 8 because it captures more of what you’re trying to take pictures or video, such as below and above the waterline. It’s basically bigger than other lenses which allow easy capture from all angles. For those wanting something that feels comfortable, Shoot Dome offers average users an even better experience with its improved design in comparison to brands like Sony and Panasonic.

Robust and practical, the Shoot Dome’s price tag is also reasonable. The latest addition to your travel kit list for those Instagram influencers? Don’t forget this GoPro Hero 8 accessory!

31. GoPro Sleeve + Lanyard

GoPro Sleeve + Lanyard

Add this Silicone Sleeve and Adjustable Lanyard Kit from GoPro Hero 8 to your must-have list for every adventure. These easy additions will protect your camera while it’s in transit, preventing scratches that can affect the quality of your footage. The included black silicone sleeve is custom moulded specifically for the HERO8 Black so there are no gaps or access issues when shooting with the newly improved touch screen display mode on our newest model!

Add these accessories next time you’re out exploring – they’ll help keep any bumps and bruises at bay by protecting one of life’s most valuable tools: a good set of eyes on an adventurous spirit!

There are a few ways to mount the GoPro Hero 8 Black with this nylon lanyard. You can attach it to your gear, hang from around your neck or wherever you please!

Conclusion – Best GoPro Hero 8 Accessories

The Hero 8 Black is a powerful tool in the hands of those who know how to use it. To that end, we have compiled 31 Best GoPro Hero accessories for this model from GoPro so you can take your game up another notch! Going beyond mounts and batteries, these are some essential items like cases that every camera wielder should own and probably already does. In any case, there’s always room for one more new addition to an arsenal as comprehensive as ours. And if not? Guess it means time to go shopping then!

The Hero 8 Black has revolutionized video production since its release last year with features such as 4K 60fps recording at 1080p 240 fps slow-motion modes (60/240) built into many different cameras.

We hope that the following post will help you to choose the most efficient GoPro Hero 8 accessory to append your action camera. We will be updating the list with more upcoming best GoPro Hero 8 Black accessories for you to get.

If you’re a GoPro Hero 8 Black user, we want to hear about your experience with the newest accessories for this camera! Share it in the comment section below. We’ll be coming up soon with an article listing some of our favorite third-party products that are compatible (or not) and what they offer over their counterparts from GoPro themselves.

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